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1960 Born in Kumamoto,Kyusyu, Japan.

1983 Studied Photography from Mr.Tadashi Takamura.  

1985Worked as a Commercial Photographer in Tokyo, Japan.

1988 Starting Fine Art Photography. Joined Fotosphere Fine Art Photography

Workshop in New York.  Studied Alternative Process from Mr.Koichro Kurita.

Work as a Fine Art Photographer in Tokyo and New York.

The work has been exhibited in many countries each year.


©Ryuji Taira 2004 Vicissitudes


Artist Statement

Ryuji Taira


​During my childhood, I frequently pondered, "where did come from and where  

am I going? "Attempting to find answers, I ran around the hills and fields, picking flowers, chased insects, grabbed fish out of nearby river and studied and mused about them all day long, until the sun went down.

"Observing"is an action that is very interesting in that it can be so inaccurate.

It is result of the collection of information via our five senses which is then 

interpreted along with mixture of information from our own experiences.

Under a particular circumstance or condition, observation transforms the form of things - a process which  I  refer to as, vague and interesting inaccuracy. 

For example, someone sees alphabetical letters in the shape oh clouds, or 

pictures a shining silver crown when looking at ripples of water. This vague and interesting inaccuracy creates discrepancies between what is perceived in vision and what is perceived in vision and what is reflected on the mirror of

one 's heart are not the same. This transformation of the what is perceived is, 

in a sense, creation.

Photography has the power to bring out and exprres invisible images of reflection on the mirror in one 's heart which seeing dosen' t prosses.

Photographs are, technically and physically, created by light and motifs. However, the guidance and expression of light and motifs are a reflection of the photographer's heart, which is influenced by vague and interesting inaccuracy.

As such, photography is a highly simple, but peculiar of expression.

This vague and interesting inaccuracy, I treasu as a form of expression, but also 

appreciate as a process of  life-explorer.


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